Four key words to read 2017 jewelry popular new trend

What jewelry is the most popular in 2017? In fact, annual popular jewelry is similar, but they are different interpretation of the performance method out. With the 90 after the rapid growth of new groups, they are full of personality and imagination, for the choice of jewelry also did not sloppy qualities, causing the next year or even longer, the change of jewelry style.

Key words: stacked wear
To dress with, it is undeniable that the importance of jewelry eye-catching. Today, more and more fashionable pursuit of simplicity, jewelry is the opposite. Such as Tiny Jewelry, has become the current trend of jewelry in the irresistible fashion show, this kind of jewelry the way is undoubtedly the “the more complex the better.” So, stack this wave from 2016 to 2017 years. A necklace, a ring, a bracelet has been unable to meet the growing desires of the desire, the various brands of spring after another shelves, I believe in the fashion circle immersed a winter “fashion fine” who, to display their “stunt” It’s time.

Key words too: open
This kind of open design style trend is one of the most common changes in the fashionable with the hollow jewelry. Compared to the candid exposed, looming hollow jewelry is more suitable for elegant and elegant oriental women. From the “carved fashion” continued this season with the jewelry elements of the popular, with it or a sense of penetration or a sense of hierarchy or mysterious unique charm, simple geometry, retro pattern, with freehand brushwork, regular fishing nets… … so, hollow engraving process so that wedding jewelry into a magnificent works of art, and then with diamonds and colored stones for inlaid, so that jewelry has become sexy, and with a lace wedding, the most sexy bride must not You must go.

Keywords three: mixed
Wedding jewelry trends slowly evolving to accommodate these ridiculous thoughts, the pursuit of different contemporary couples. The mixed metal has formed a wedding jewelery trend that will continue to be prevalent in 2016 and become one of the most popular mainstream trends, especially the rose gold blend of platinum and platinum styles. Warm and warm rose gold mix cool mysterious platinum, become a unique, charming design style. This design style has a lot of presentation, there is a relatively simple halo design, but also to highlight their own characteristics designed into a unique shape, in short, how to mix and match are very beautiful.

Key words four: unique shape
For the present young consumers, the only irreplaceable is their pursuit of the eternal theme. As a result, unique cutting or relaxed styling of colored gemstones and diamonds will certainly continue to prevail in 2017. Unique shape of the gem, including colored gemstones, became the bride’s most preferred style, such as pear-shaped cut and horse-shaped cut, are no longer so rules, and no longer strictly in accordance with the pear-shaped cut length and width ratio, But with the overall shape and design and change, and some designers will deliberately put these two cutting design slightly skewed to highlight a little personalized.