Cartier love bracelet cheap width introduced, how to measure the size of it

When it comes to copy cartier bracelet yellow, I believe we must not be familiar with the classic LOVE series. But still a lot of people will not strategy Cartier bracelet size, which for everyone to introduce the method.

Cartier love bracelet is a unique interpretation of loyalty to love, it will soon become a couple respected love symbol, do you want to have a Cartier love bracelet, then you know Knockoff cartier bangle yellow size? For everyone to introduce Cartier love bracelet size table, Cartier love bracelet size how to measure.

wholesale cartier bracelet yellow

wholesale cartier bracelet yellow

Choose a bracelet for your hand, put it flat, take a measure of the bracelet circumference, note the size of the bracelet, choose a size with the most similar Cartier love bracelet size. Love bracelet size and the standard is very different from the standard, please refer to the specific part of Love bracelet bracelet, Cartier suggested that you on this basis, an increase of 1 cm, to tighten the wear standard, an increase of 2 cm to wear comfortable standards.

1. Cut the wrist size of the paper and measure the wrist as described below.

2. Confirm that the number is outside the wrist dimension and insert the one end of the corners into the wrist dimension to indicate the other end of [this cut]. Wrist wear the size gauge, pull out the sharp corners until your wrist feels comfortable.

3. The opening edge of the figure is Cartier bracelet size. Cartier bracelet size is 12-23MM, when purchased according to the size of the selected choice.

After the above description, in accordance with this method to try to measure the size of the bracelet is really good, I wish you success, buy a satisfactory discount cartier love bracelet yellow gold.